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Readers' Theatre


Hear ye, Hear ye!

The Penfield Players are thrilled to present their Winter Readers' Theater, Crusaders Amok, written and directed by Tristan Berlet.

If you liked what the British did for the Spanish Inquisition, you’ll love what Tristan.


Afraid of death? You're a lot smarter than any of the characters in this new crusading comedy. But if you aren't, then join this crew of noble madmen as they set out to destroy anything and everything in the name of Innocent; Pope Innocent to be exact, and his Crusade!


As is the Players' tradition, both performances are free to the public, but donations are gladly accepted.


Performances are :

  1. Saturday, February 17th, at 2:00 PM

  2. Sunday, February 18th at 2:00 PM


  • Dean Amsler - servant and Thibault’s Servant

  • Ross Amsty - Secretariat, Enrico Dandolo

  • Meghan Brooks - Thibault of Champagne

  • Abby DuVuyst - Giovanni de San Paolo, Announcer

  • Peter Elliott - Pope Innocent, Baldwin of Flanders

  • Megan Griffin-Adams - King Richard, Marie of Flanders

  • Phyllis Hirsch - Nivelo of Soissons

  • Charles Palella - Guido de Papa, Martin of Paris

  • Elizabeth Saunders - Giovanni Carelli, King John, Louis of Blois

  • Derek Schneider - Peter Capuano, blacksmith

  • Carl Webster - Geoffrey of Villehardouin

  • Eileen Webster - Celestine, Merchant 2

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