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Readers' Theatre

The Penfield Players are proud to unite with the Rochester Bronze Collective to present The Return of Double Ax Max.


Written by Karen Culley, this play brings audiences to the theater in the tradition of campfire stories, radio dramas, and spooky American legends (i.e., Legend of Sleepy Hollow) and mixes in a bit of suspense.


Max returns, pulled to the current day, 1960, to fight injustice, over 100 years since he first avenged his Lena. The souls of the departed and enslaved assisted "runaways" to navigate the wild terrain to escape the slavecatchers and now those seeking justice.


The Legend of Double Ax Max and the Shadow People will have audiences wondering about those sounds that go bump in the night and what kind of karma awaits evil-doers.


For America, slavery was only the beginning. It created a debt that the Shadow People aim to help collect!!!

About The Rochester Bronze Collective

Since 2014, the Bronze Collective has worked to encourage, facilitate, and promote collaboration of projects, marketing and financing amongst Black/African Diasporic theatrical producers, artists, and, organizations as a way to connect with audiences that enjoy the unique lens of Black art and theatre in the Greater Rochester Area.

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