Readers' Theatre

Cinderella Waltz

by Don Nigro

FREE PERFORMANCES Feb. 22 and 23, 2020

At the Penfield Community Center in the Community Room

Rosey Snow is trapped in a fairy tale world that is by turns funny and a little frightening--and who can blame her? With a demented stepmother, a possibly homicidal village idiot, a fairy godmother who sings salty old sailor songs, and so many more, this  play combines numerous versions of the world's most popular fairy tale into a hilarious, yet sometimes dark retelling. Equal parts farce an romantic fantasy, a truly entertaining fairy tale for adults!

2020 Fall Rochester Fringe Festival


Scrooge Macbeth

by David McGregor

Scrooge Macbeth takes the meaning of "the show must go on" to a whole new level. Bob, Sylvia, Victor, and Renee are the last four actors standing when a food poisoning outbreak sidelines most of the cast on the opening night of the Hartland Community Theatre's holiday production of Shakespeare's classic, The Winter's Tale.  But that's not the only setback: Sylvia has just discovered a boatload of red ink in the theatre group's ledger. With impending financial ruin, a shortage of cast members, and an expectant audience just outside the doors, can these four amateur thespians concoct some kind of holiday entertainment in time to save their theatre? Thanks to the ensuing violent collision between everything Christmas and everything Shakespeare, you will never think of Shakespeare or Christmas in quite the same way again.

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