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Our Productions

Haunting of Hill House performance by Liz Gill.jpg
The Haunting of Hill House
photo by Liz Gill  
Main Stage
Every year, Penfield Players present two full-length stage productions. Mysteries, comedies, farces, light dramas, melodramas, spoofs—we do it all right at the Penfield Community Recreation Center. Typically performed over three weekends (seven shows), our fall show is usually in October/November while our spring show goes up in April/May. Click here for more information on our current Main Stage productions. 
Readers' Theatre
Readers' theatre is a style of theatre similar to the old-time "radio plays" in which the actors, rather than memorizing lines, interpret them while holding their scripts.  Like storytelling, reader's theatre can create images by suggestion that could never be realistically portrayed on stage. Readers' theatre frees you from the physical limitations of conventional theatre, letting your imagination soar. Click here for more information on our current Readers' Theatre productions. 
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