Lily, The Felon's Daughter (Melodrama)
May 6-21, 2005
by Tom Taggert
directed by Joan Van Ness
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Gay Nineties melodramas are always fun for the audiences and actors. This tear-jerker tells the sad but silly story of Lily Fairweather and Compton, her weak but handsome sweetheart. The villainous Craven Sinclair thwarts their plans for everlasting bliss. Compton is corrupted by Craven and even succumbs to forgery and embezzlement. Our hero is forced to flee to the West, leaving his poor father behind to go to jail for Comptonís crimes. Adding to the merriment are a horse-faced suffragette and her titled suitor who is so English it hurts.

If you've never been to one of our melodramas before, you are in for a real treat! There is audience participation, a sing-along before the show starts (so bring your best voice!), table seating, popcorn galore, and a fine group of waiters and waitresses to serve beverages.

Lily Meredith Graham
Betsy Gretchen Woodworth
Jonas David Woodworth
Compton Mark D'Annunzio
Craven Sinclair Martin Brancato
Lord Montmorency (Monty) Dick Shroyer
Ophelia Leslie Shroyer
Robin Steel Gordon Osborn
Mrs. Kingsley Jacque Kirk
Mrs. Bloodgood Gloria Montgomery
Marie Jennifer LaFountain
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