The Clone People
February 25-March 12, 2005
by Mike Johnson
directed by Stephanie Roosa
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Jay and Nessa are two of Hollywood's most successful stars and a happily married couple.  While filming on location, Nessa sustains an accidental blow on the head and flees to her home in Beverly Hills before anxious studio staff members can stop her.  She bursts in on Jay and insists she is Polly Ackerman, a girl who vanished just before their marriage.

Strange events make him suspect she might be telling the truth and that something incredibly evil is going on at the studio.

Is a play from 1978 today's reality?
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Jay Jeff Moon
Nessa Jennifer Blatto-Vallee
Sally Corrie Carter
Eve Diane Mashia
Felix Stephen Wegman
Murray Jim Gill
Malcolm Manuel Psyhos
Helga Laurie Schifla
Addie Sally Trovato

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News Articles

Democrat and Chronicle -- Monday, November 1, 2004
Cleveland hospital receives OK to perform facial transplants

CLEVELAND The Cleveland Clinic says it is the first institution to receive review board approval of human facial transplant for someone severely disfigured by burns or disease. 

Several independent medical teams around the world also are pursuing the procedure. The Cleveland Clinic said its approval on Oct. 15 followed 10 months of debate on medical, ethical and psychological issues. 

It has no current patients or donors for the procedure. 

"We are at this point ready to begin screening patients," said Dr. Maria Siemionow, the hospital's director of plastic surgery research and training in microscopic surgery, who advocated the procedure. 

Doctors at the clinic said finding an appropriate donor cadaver for the facial skin and underlying tissue might be more difficult than choosing a patient, which could take up to two years.

"It may not happen in our life, or it may happen sooner than you expect," Siemionow said. 

She said she will tell patients there is as much as a 50 percent chance of failure because of tissue rejection or other complications. A central question in debate over, the procedure has been whether patients should be subjected to risks of transplant failure and life-threatening complications from anti-rejection drugs for an operation that is not lifesaving.



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